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  • Dying without a Will

    If you die without a valid Will it can be a complicated and time-consuming process for your family and loved ones, and could result in unnecessary expense and hardship for them.

    Read More 23-04-2013   |   Resource
  • School Holiday Dilemma - Who gets the kids?

    With Easter just behind us, and the school holidays looming, it can be a difficult time for separated families who have to juggle arrangements and decide how much time the children will spend with eac...

    Read More 10-04-2013   |   Resource   |   Simone Thomas
  • First Home Owners: Buy or Build in 2013?

    What factors do you need to consider when deciding whether to buy or build?

    Read More 15-02-2013   |   Resource
  • Back to School - Considerations for Separated Parents

    If your relationship with your spouse has broken down and there are school-aged children involved, you need to consider a number of issues.

    Read More 15-02-2013   |   Resource   |   Simone Thomas
  • Family Law Property Settlements - Stamp Duty Savings

    For many separating couples, especially when the break-up has been a mutual decision, there is a strong temptation to avoid the involvement of family lawyers and work out the division of their propert...

    Read More 08-02-2013   |   Resource
  • 2013 New Year's Resolution: Update Your Will

    One resolution that never seems to top the list of popular things to do in the New Year is probably one of the most important, and that is getting your legal affairs in order.

    Read More 07-01-2013   |   Resource
  • Post Christmas Spike in Divorce Enquiries

    'Tis the season to be jolly?  Maybe only on the surface.  The harsh reality is that many couples stay together for the festive season then separate in the New Year.

    Read More 07-01-2013   |   Resource
  • Parenting Arrangements Following Separation

    The most important issues for families when a relationship breaks down concern the children – where will they live, how often will they see the other parent, who is responsible for the day-to-day deci...

    Read More 30-10-2012   |   Resource
  • Financial Disclosure In Property Matters

    “Duty of disclosure” is a legal requirement on the parties involved in a family law dispute regarding property issues to provide each other with all of the financial information relevant to their case...

    Read More 30-10-2012   |   Resource
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