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  • Separating? Access the Support You Need

    Whether you need advice on your legal rights and obligations, assistance with co-parenting and managing your money, or help getting your mental health back on track, support is available for anyone.

    Read More 20-01-2022   |   Resource   |   Simone Thomas
  • Wanting to Buy a Holiday Home?

    The Lamrocks property team can guide you through the process of buying a holiday home and ensure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

    Read More 20-01-2022   |   Resource   |   Brent Jones
  • 2022 New Year's Resolution: Update Your Will

    One resolution that never seems to top the list of popular things to do in the New Year is probably one of the most important, and that is getting your legal affairs in order.

    Read More 18-01-2022   |   Resource   |   Graeme Hockley
  • Paper Certificates of Title No Longer Issued

    New South Wales is moving to electronic conveyancing and paper-based Certificates of Title will no longer be issued. What does that mean for property owners and purchasers?

    Read More 03-12-2021   |   Resource   |   Brent Jones
  • Claiming Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

    What should you do if you, or someone in your family, is injured in a motor vehicle accident? Find out what compensation you may be entitled to, and how to ensure you meet the relevant deadlines...

    Read More 30-11-2021   |   Resource
  • Separated Parents, International Travel and the Airport Watchlist

    Unfortunately, for some separated parents, the lifting of international restrictions has reignited the fear that their former partner or spouse may try to take their child overseas for an extended per...

    Read More 29-11-2021   |   Resource   |   Nicole Smith
  • Wanting to Sell Your Business?

    With so much at stake when you are selling a business, it is critical to have the right legal advice and representation to ensure the process runs smoothly.

    Read More 12-11-2021   |   Resource   |   Brent Jones
  • Contesting a Will: Are you eligible?

    Unfortunately, when someone passes away, a situation can arise in which one or more people feel that they have not been fairly treated in that person's Will.

    Read More 08-11-2021   |   Resource   |   Graeme Hockley
  • COVID Vaccine for Kids: When Parents Disagree

    The COVID-19 pandemic has raised several new issues arise for separated parents, including disputes over whether to vaccinate their child and the impact of travel restrictions.

    Read More 03-11-2021   |   Resource   |   Simone Thomas
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