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At Lamrocks, our Penrith commercial lawyers provide advice and representation to a wide range of businesses across the Penrith Nepean region.   We work with you to develop the best possible solution to your needs and offer a cost-effective, tailored approach that ensures you achieve your objectives.  Whether you need assistance with brokering a deal, advice on a business or contractual dispute, or you are looking to buy or sell a business, we have the skills and knowledge you need.

Why should you choose Lamrocks?

Expert lawyers working for you

Our experienced commercial team has the skills, knowledge and expertise required to handle a wide variety of legal issues and disputes on behalf of your business. Whether you need a contract drafted or advice regarding a commercial dispute, we can identify and address the relevant issues quickly and effectively

Lawyers available when you need them

We understand the demands of running a business. Our commercial team is readily available, when you need them, and accessible via phone, email or in person. Meetings can be held in our centrally located offices, or at your premises, and we make it a priority to return your calls and reply to your emails promptly.

Locally based and convenient

You don’t have to travel into the city to get the best legal advice for your business. Our office is centrally located in Penrith, with parking outside the door. Not only that, because we are Penrith based commercial lawyers, we understand the issues facing the local business community and have a strong network of professional contacts in the area.

We focus on understanding your business.

At Lamrocks, we believe in building a professional partnership with our clients and developing a sound working knowledge of their business. This enables us to provide uniquely tailored solutions for your legal needs and means that we can identify and mitigate potential risks before they become a problem.

How we can help you

  • Commercial Advice

    From contract preparation, review and negotiation, through to business succession planning and shareholder issues, our commercial law team can partner with you to ensure your business remains healthy and compliant with any regulations.

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    Our commercial team can provide expert advice and representation on a wide range of commercial disputes, including building and construction disputes.  Whilst our aim is always to resolve disputes as quickly and effectively as possible, we have the expertise to successfully represent your interests in any Court or Tribunal when required.

  • Sale or Purchase of a Business

    Whether you are looking to purchase or sell an existing business, our experienced team of solicitors can assist you with any necessary searches, due diligence and contract negotiations.  We can also provide advice when setting up a new business and restructuring a company.

  • Commercial Property and Leasing

    The highly experienced commercial property lawyers at Lamrocks work closely with property developers and investors on a wide range of commercial property issues.  We also represent a number of landlords and tenants in commercial, retail and industrial leasing agreements.

  • Franchising

    If you are thinking of buying into a franchise, the commercial team at Lamrocks can help you to negotiate the arrangement, provide contractual advice, ensure you comply with any relevant regulations, and assist with any leasing or employment issues.

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