Words From Our Clients

  • Hi Cristina,


    Marie is the most professional and warmest person we have come across in over 20 years when it comes to dealing with staff in a legal firm as we have purchased and sold many properties over the years.

    My husband and I have had the same solicitor for over 20 years and made a change this year after I made an initial consultation phone call to your company after not being happy with our previous legal firm and it was the best decision we have made. Marie is the most warmest and genuine person we have come across for a long time.

    Every time I called it was always like it was my first call of the day and kept us up to date with what was happening on her end. We had a difficult purchaser with the sale of our home but she was always abreast of it and kept my husband and I assured that she had it all under control.  The purchase of our home on the South Coast was also a very smooth sale transaction.

    I still cannot believe how lucky we were to have had Marie on our side.  I know she is doing her "job" but she does go above and beyond and is always so happy to speak with over the phone and the tone of her emails as well are professional but friendly.

    We cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and friendliness and would like others to know how we feel about her.

    - Michelle

  • Hi Rachael,

    Thank you!

    I just want to say thank you so much for everything.  I'm so grateful you were picked to be my Solicitor.  You went above and beyond just your job.  Thank you for getting me through one of the hardest parts of my life.

    Always grateful

    - Joanne

  • Dearest Rachael,

    I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a life back. Thank you for enabling my kids and me to spread our wings & fly free.  You are a beautiful soul Rachael as you may feel that you are "just doing your job", for people like me it is so much more, it is life changing, thank you.

    Warmest regards & many many thanks,

    - Heidi

  • Dearest Steve and staff at Lamrocks,

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to ensuring the best outcome was achieved in my case.

    - Mikayla

  • To Steve,

    It only takes a moment to say thank you! But your thoughtfulness and your hard work helping us through this will be remembered for a very long time. God Bless. Thank you!

    - Michael & Fernanda

  • Thank you.  I have also referred Simone to a close friend of mine who has been having a few issues and i informed him of how helpful Simone has been to me.

    - B

  • Dear Mr Fogarty,

    It is with pleasure that i write regarding the advocacy service provided by Lamrocks Solicitor, Ms Rachael Abercrombie, during a recent private Family Law Court matter.

    As an advocate; i found Ms Abercrombie to be professional, knowledgable and equipped with an approach that is well suited to her role as a Family Law Specialist.

    Ms Abercrombie took a genuine interest in my case and worked hard to achieve an outcome that I can only describe as both fair and reasonable.

    Because of these efforts, I am well placed moving forward and hence very satisfied with the result.

    I will most definitely reccomend Lamrocks Solicitors to others.

    Please advise that her efforts did not go unnoticed and that her time, patience and counsel were genuinely appreciated.

    You have put together a great team & one that makes clients feel confident, respected and valued.

    - Adam

  • Flowers to Simone,

    Thanks for being my solicitor.

    I really appreciate your help.

    I always admire women in powerful jobs.


    All the best.

    - A

  • Thank you Alisa for all your assistance and guidance in my family matter. 

    Please pass on my thanks to Rachael. She truly is a wonderful person who is an expert in her field and sensitive to the needs of her clients.

    - Sue

  • I would highly recommend Lamrocks.  Marco and Arthur assisted me with a complex international estate matter.  I was quite emotional throughout the process and they were always compassionate, responsive and professional.

    - Natalie

  • I would highly recommend Lamrocks Solicitors.  I had the pleasure of having Rachael Abercrombie represent me in court a number of times over the past few years. Her legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations.  I was kept up to date with all information either by Rachael or her lovely assistant Alisa.

    - Wendy

  • Dear Steve, Belinda, Naomi and Team. We are so very grateful. During this long journey we have appreciated your advice and patience, the prompt assistance, care, professional knowledge and so much more that we have received during a very complicated 4-year WC case.  Can't say thank you enough.  You are a valuable asset to Lamrocks and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

    - Helen

  • We recently used Lamrocks for the 2nd time for conveyancing and the service was once again outstanding.  Marie and Brent really went the extra mile to ensure things went smoothly and we could not be more grateful for their professionalism and dedication throughout the process. They really seemed to care about our unique situation and they saved us a lot of time and effort.  Thank you again.

    - John

  • Huge thanks to Arthur Fogarty and his team at Lamrocks Solicitors for helping me reach a favourable conclusion to medical litigation.  Always professional. Kept us informed throughout the long process, made the complicated simple and worked with our best interests always top of mind.

    - Wayne

  • Brent Jones' level of service and attention to detail is second to none - I could not recommend him more highly.

    - Simon

  • Without disclosing the nature of my matter, I cannot recommend Lamrocks more highly.  Over 3.5 years, they supported and nurtured me, keeping me informed at every stage throughout my complex family law court proceedings. There was nothing a staff member could not assist with, from reception to personal assistants and solicitors, the expertise from Lamrocks is second to none.  Thanks team, I could name you all ... but you know who you are!

    - Laura-Jade

  • Dear Arthur,

    We just wanted to drop a brief note to express our thanks for all the support, guidance and care you showed Luke and myself.  Your expertise is greatly appreciated in the way you handled things for us.

    I understand that this is "what you do" but from our side going through something like this has been incredibly stressful.

    Luke will never have his life back as it was before, but at least having something to help him through is great. I know he is just relieved it is over and dragging it out longer would not have done him any good at all.

    You showed us great compassion and understanding when we were both struggling. But you always pulled us back to where we should have been, sometimes with humour also, which was appreciated.

    And as strange as this may sound, just getting the chance to chat and get to know you a little bit on that Thursday was wonderful. It made a difference to a day we were dreading!

    Once again, we thank you for all you did for us. We only wish we could have met you under different circumstances.

    Kind regards,

    Luke & Lynda

    - Luke & Lynda

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