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Graeme Hockley is a Senior Associate with Lamrocks, responsible for overseeing both the Property and the Wills & Estates teams within the firm. In both areas of law, Graeme enjoys the chance to help a wide variety of people with their legal needs, and displays incredible patience and attention to detail to ensure that our clients’ best interests are taken into account.

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Graeme has gained Accredited Specialisation status from the Law Society of NSW in both Property and Conveyancing Law and Wills and Estates Law.  

As an Accredited Specialist in Property Law, Graeme has an in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and is able to quickly identify any potential issues or problems that might arise in a property matter. He then applies his technical expertise, in both residential and commercial transactions, to ensure Lamrocks’ clients receive the best possible advice and protection for what is often their most significant investment.

Graeme is also one of only a handful of Accredited Specialists in Wills & Estates Law across the Western Sydney region. This is a complex area of law that requires a detailed knowledge of many fields – from property and equity issues, through to accounting, taxation and trusts.  In addition to his legal qualifications, Graeme also holds a Master of Taxation which enables him to consider relevant issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. 

Graeme’s logical approach and ability to ‘untangle’ complicated financial issues, allows him to resolve clients’ problems quickly and effectively and determine the best way forward in their situation. He also has extensive experience in assisting families to resolve estate disputes either through mediation or, where necessary, court action.

Proud to be local

Graeme has worked in the Penrith Nepean community for over 30 years.  He is a strong supporter of the local area and has dedicated his professional life to helping those in need.  In his spare time, Graeme enjoys spending time with family and reading.

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