Reviewing Workers Compensation Payments

24-06-2019    |    Resource   |   Steve Groves

Decisions made by insurers in relation to workers compensation payments can often be incorrect. Injured workers may challenge these decisions, at no cost to the worker, through the independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS).  Under the ILARS scheme, certain accredited solicitors can receive a grant of legal aid to challenge the decisions made by insurers.

For example, a letter from an insurer to an injured construction worker stating that the worker’s weekly compensation payments will shortly end may be based on an incorrect interpretation of the relevant worker’s compensation legislation.  This construction worker may be able to challenge and overturn this adverse decision though contacting Lamrocks, who can seek a grant of legal aid under the ILARS scheme.

Lamrocks are extremely experienced in representing injured workers in workers compensation matters. Arthur Fogarty and Steve Groves of Lamrocks are both Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law.

Please feel free to telephone Arthur Fogarty. Steve Groves or James McAuley of Lamrocks on (02) 4731 5688 to discuss any workers compensation issues or other legal matters.

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