Brian Lamrock (1911-2004) - Tribute to a Gentleman

Brian Lamrock was a citizen who had extensive community involvement in Penrith for over 60 years.   He was an active member of St Pauls Anglican Church, Emu Plains since 1937. He joined the Board of Nepean Hospital in 1941 when it was still on the grounds of Governor Phillip Special Hospital and helped raise half the funds to buy the present property. He remained a Board member for over 40 years (a record).  He was an Alderman for six years during the time of the amalgamation of Penrith and St Marys Councils.  Has also served with merit the Penrith Chamber of Commerce, Penrith Rotary Club, Emu Plains Boy Scout and Girl Guide Groups, Nepean District Historical Society, Nepean Dairy Co-operative, the Freemasons Movement and the Emu Plains Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Brian has  even had a street named after him in Emu Plains.

Brian was a descendant of early settlers in the Penrith District on his father's side since approximately 1850.   He lived in the Penrith District with his family from 1926 and, as can be seen from the summary below, he made a substantial contribution to the City of Penrith and its citizens. Brian was honoured in 2001 by being named 2001 Citizen of the Year.

After a long and distinguished career Brian passed away in 2004 at the age of 93.

Brian's Story

Born in Tamworth, 12 November 1911, Brian was the elder son of Arthur Stanton Lamrock and Millicent Beatrice Lamrock and attended Tamworth Public and High Schools.  

In 1926 Brian Lamrock's father, Arthur Stanton Lamrock purchased an existing legal practice in Penrith which had been operating since 1882 and changed its name to A.S. Lamrock & Son (now Lamrocks). On the purchase of this practice the Lamrock family moved to Penrith.

In Penrith, Brian attended Penrith Intermediate High School in 1926 and was Dux of the school in that year. He went on to attend the King's School, Parramatta.

Brian studied law through the Solicitors' Admission Board.  After his admission, he worked for two years in the country at Coonamble. In 1937 he returned to Penrith and joined his father's firm and eventually became a partner.  

In 1937 Brian married Mavis Gibson Hunter of Emu Plains at St Pauls Anglican Church Emu Plains. Brian and Mavis built their new residence "Yonder" in 1937 in River Road Emu Plains which has since been demolished. They had four children:
·         Wendy Hunter Lamrock married Robin McKay, an architect, and they live in Emu Plains. They have three sons - Andrew, Nicholas and Bryce.
·         Jennifer Hunter Lamrock married Warren Wilson, an accountant, and also lives in Emu Plains.
·         Patricia Hunter Lamrorck marries Graham Beckett, a valuer, and lives in Emu Plains. They have three children - David, Simon and Caroline.
·         Adrian Stuart Hunter Lamrocks married Kerrie Winter and lives in Newcastle. They have three daughters - Edwina, Jessica and Emily.

Brian retired from Lamrocks in 1982 and became a valued consultant to the firm, whilst remaining active in the community.

Over 60 Years of Service to the Penrith Community

The Church
Brian was an active Member of St. Paul's Anglican Church, Emu Plains since 1937; and
A member of the Parish Council and Church Committee for many years;
He was Honorary Solicitor for the sale of Anglican Diocese "Glebe Land" at Castlereagh; and
Honorary Solicitor for all Church Ordinances carried out in the western region Anglican Diocese of Sydney for many years
The Legal Profession
Brian was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1935 and was made a Commissioner for Affidavits;
He celebrated 60 years as a practicing solicitor in 1995;
He was a Partner from 1945 and became a consultant to the firm in 1982;
Co-founder and Foundation Vice President and later President (8 years) of the Near Western Law Society; and
Delegate to State Law Conferences for many years.


Nepean Hospital
Brian was elected by the subscribers (of the Hospital) to the Board of the Hospital in 1941;
Served for 40 years on Board of the Hospital;
He was Chairman for three (3) years; and
Vice Chairman for twenty (20) years;
He was principally instrumental in securing the Jones Estate property where the present hospital is now built, against strong opposition from the then Chairman and some of the Board, who would have preferred to remain where the Governor Phillip Hospital now stands;
He organised support to raise funds and held a carnival which provided the money to pay for the Jones Estate property where the present Nepean Hospital now stands;
He was Chairman of the Hospital Board during the building and opening of the present hospital in 1956;
Honorary Solicitor for the Hospital since 1937.
He was instrumental in obtaining the first Maternity Unit for the hospital against heavy opposition from the Medical Board;
He was made a Life Member of the Hospital in 1974 and received a Certificate of Merit for Services Rendered;
He is the longest serving member of the Nepean Hospital Board -(40 years and 2 months); and
Retired from Hospital Board in 1981 on reaching age of retirement.
Governor Phillip Special Hospital
Brian was a Director of the Hospital for seven (7) years; and
Honorary Solicitor from its inception.

Nepean College of Advanced Education (Now the University of Western Sydney)
Brian was appointed to the Planning Committee for the New Tertiary College at Kingswood in 1972 (later named, on his motion, as "Nepean College of Advanced Education" which is now the University of Western Sydney);
The Foundation Director and Vice Chairman of the College for five (5) years; and
Chairman of Legislation Committee to propound By-Laws of the College on its inception.
St. Pauls Grammar School
Brian was Honorary Solicitor for the purchase of land and establishment of the first private Grammar School in Penrith; and
Foundation member of the School Council.
Local Schools
Brian was the donor of the Lamrock Shield for Service and Sport to Penrith High School;
Donor of the Lamrock Shield to Emu Plains Primary School;
Donor of the Lamrock Shield to Leonay Primary School; and
Involved in the Parents and Citizens Association at Emu Plains Primary School for many years.
Local Government - Penrith City Council
Was an Alderman of the Council for six (6) years; and
Was nominated for Mayor of Penrith on the amalgamation of Penrith and St Marys but declined the nomination.
Emu Plains Progress Association
Between 1948 and 1951 Brian was a member and some time President of this Association;
Was instrumental in bringing to fruition a petition for the secession of Emu Plains from the Blue Mountains Shire to Penrith City Council which resulted in great benefits to the Emu Plains residents in water, sewerage and lower rates; and
Was honoured by having a street named after him in Emu Plains.
Penrith Chamber of Commerce

In 1938 Brian re-formed the Penrith Chamber of Commerce (in association with the late L.F. Spence) and acted as Secretary, for some years thereafter.

Penrith Rotary Club
Brian was a member of Penrith Rotary Club since 1948;
President of that club in 1964;
Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship in 1980; and
Presented with "Brian Lamrock - This is your Life" tribute at a function in 1980 as outstanding Penrith Rotarian.
Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Associations
Brian re-started the scouting movement in Emu Plains in 1950's and was the first President of Boy Scout Committee in Emu Plains on its reforming;
Was Local Association President of the Girl Guides in Emu Plains (his wife was the first District Commissioner of the Emu Plains area and later became the first Division Commissioner during this time) ;
He arranged for a grant of land for a Girl Guide Hut in Emu Plains from the Lands Department in Emu Park;
He organised the transfer of the first Guide Hut from the Penrith Bowling Club to the Emu Plains land (The Baden Powell Hut); and
He was honoured with Thanks Badges from both Scouting and Guiding Organisations.
Other Associations

Nepean Dairy Co-Op Penrith
Brian was appointed Director in 1969 at an Annual General Meeting; and
Appointed Chairman in 1984 until United Dairies took over.
RAAF Officers' Mess Kingswood

Brian was one of the original Honorary Members of this Mess and a member over 28 years. 

Nepean Historical Society

Brian was a member for 20 years 1977 - 1997 and he has donated old legal documents to the archives. 

Brian was Master of Lodge Warragamba in 1944;
Foundation Master of Lodge Emu Plains in 1953;
Grand Lodge Inspector of Workings; and
Was Past Junior Grand Warden of Grand Lodge of NSW in 1970.
Various other contributions

Brian contributed to the following undertakings
Food for Britain during World War 2 - As Secretary for the fund in Penrith Brian assisted in sending food parcels to Britain during World War 2.
Air Raid Warden - Brian was local Air Raid Warden for the duration of World War 2.
Penrith Volunteer Defence Corp Unit - He was a member of and Staff Sergeant from 1941-1943.
Various other memberships

Brian was a member of the Emu Plains Volunteer Fire Brigade, both Penrith and Leonay Golf Clubs, the Nepean District Tennis Association.